Friday, July 22, 2011

The Slick Track

*Two jabbering, hitting, wound up boys in the back,
*One verocious reader in the front trying to tune out the kicks to the back of her seat and the jibberish,
*A cooler full of drinks and a smaller one with grapes, salty snacks
*One worried nanny scanning the skies for rain clouds, spinning back-up plans
*A collaborative thinking bubble of wonder
We exited the car and walked side by side, cash in hand to the great water/ride adventure. Never mind the mood had taken a rapid decline when we realized I had driven 15 min. in the wrong direction and the anticipation would be put on hold as we retraced our steps. Those little details flew away in a bubble as we all looked up at the roller coaster, wondering if we really could handle the drops. One chose to walk away and watch as the rest of us grasped tightly with eyes peeled back. Our hearts beat quickly carrying us on to next after next. I had no idea that shooting through a blue tube in moments to come would contain more drops that would incite quick fear in my grown-up heart. The waves lulled us into summer bliss until we had to mentally and vocally fish the boys out with great strength.

The summer is beginning to slip away just as I snuggle into it's warm cozy embrace. I've known this feeling on many mornings when the snooze has longer reign and the sheets meet my skin in that familiar delicious feeling of days with temperatures reaching 69 degrees.
Worry and wonder and hauntings of being out of control have tap danced through my space but when I bring my eyes to replay I am thankful and content with a rhythmically pleasing summer. Snapshots frozen against my ever twirling thoughts have been:
* My nephew Hudson's wonderful faces and sounds like when he looks like he is saying oh but he tucks his lip down over his teeth, or how just today he smiled, said hi and did a scrunchy wave, or when he squeals with delight if I get ready to chase after him, or .........
*Time with family like watching and critiquing shows with my sister, working beside her to create cupcake masterpieces, fun cheat meals with Vespers and Wiles
*Swimming, mini-golfing, joking and all the little talks about life happenings with the twins I nanny
*Moments with Challenge peeps around nachos, the Johnson's pool (our Hawaiian getaway) or sitting in the heat of a humid night as we are whisked away to the Land of Oz.


Modern Day Martha said...

We need to motivate each other to keep writing!

B said...

Pimiento, how did I miss this entry? There is such adventure in your heart!