Thursday, June 01, 2006

Switchfoot agreed...

"We were meant to live for so much more, have we lost ourselves?"
I love when you find others are thinking through similar wave-lengths at the same time.
A friend e-mailed me and was talking about how he gets worried about being too comfortable in life. He wants to really impact people's lives and wants to live adventurously without grueling hours in a job that doesn't seem headed in that direction. Through many words it was the overall question of what is life about? What path to take? He knows that God will lead but there is that restlessness. A blogger friend had traces of similar things with the hope of being about more than the routine that is right before us, the job, family, stay in your self-contained world and live happy.
I have been back to the wrestling mat on this issue. I think looking for a summer job, for added income has brought up a lot of questions. Do I just do anything? Do I base them on pay? More than $7 an hour? What sacrifices do I make? Is there anything which would pay and be able to utilize my strengths? Do I wait for something else? Where do I look? Am I running away or being guided by my own worries? It has been a bit of a restless week.
I was glad to be back at Challenge planning, feeling somewhat productive, but I still wasn't connecting. I started thinking if I stop doing Challenge down the road I will really have to find a new path for my life, at least provisionally. All this talk lead to my sister asking if I was going to be dissapointed in her if her life did appear that way? A regular job, family, house.. I said no because she does live missionally. Her relationship is ingrained in everything she does. It has made me wonder what I am expecting since it's true I have kind of repelled away from that idea ,in some ways, for my own life. I don't want to fall asleep... live for myself. How do I live right now? What is it that I am imagining? What is the day-to-day life about?
Another writer that I feel a connection to on these things is Dan H.? on Relevant. He is the Jars of Clay guy. He just thinks deep and puts the struggles right out there. I always look forward to diving into his articles, knowing they will be thick with thought. Musings of the day...

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